Training: Webinar Best Practice

Date: September 28, 2016
Organiser: NCP Academy – DASTI
Event Categories: Training

Concept & Aim

This webinar gives All NCPs the necessary tips, tools and tactics you need, to ensure a successful webinar debut. The format of the presentation was very HOW-TO oriented, and included the following topics:
• Getting acquainted with the software:
How to choose the right setup for your webinar, so you do not get overwhelmed by all the possibilities.
• Sending out invitations the simple way:
How to invite attendees to the webinar, and making sure they are properly prepared – especially if it’s their first time.
• Designing and delivering your slides:
How to create and deliver a simple presentation that’s optimized for mobile devices (tablets and smartphones). How to use music, chat and polls.
• Keeping the attendees engaged
How to use simple checkpoints along the way that helps the attendees stay focused – even though you cannot see what they are doing.
• Avoiding technical difficulties:
How-to use my “fail safe” webinar structure, to ensure the best experience for both you and the participants.

After the webinar there was an open Q&A session.

A recording of the webinar and a complete hands-on “Webinar Roadmap”, to guide you through the entire webinar process, was provided:

Recording of the entire webinar: (password: ncpacademy)

Recording of the individual steps in the Webinar Roadmap (password: ncptraining):

The Webinar Roadmap HOW TO videos (password: ncptraining):

Dropbox with inspiration for FAQ, confirmation email, preframe etc.:

Target Group

All NCPs