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Training: Common Exploitation Booster

Date: October 20, 2017
Organiser: NCP Academy – EI
Event Categories: Training

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Concept & Aim

Common Exploitation Booster services are available for all projects under any area of FP7 or Horizon 2020. The services aim to bridge the gap between research results and exploitation by helping the project consortia in raising awareness on exploitation possibilities and exploitation planning and creating value out of novel knowledge.

This webinar was based on the experience of the NCP Academy consortium’s Common Exploitation Booster Seminar where consortium members worked with Exploitation Experts in July 2017. It aimed to illustrate the service from the pre-seminar preparation phase to the seminar and its reporting.

The webinar was used to inform NCPs of the opportunity presented to their Horizon 2020 communities and to illustrate the optimal timing of its application e.g. in preparation for continuation and exploitation of projects through new Horizon 2020 applications.

Key content covered:

Common Exploitation Booster: the opportunity
Common Exploitation Booster: the NCP Academy experience
Recommendations for promotion by NCPs

Webinar: Skype Meeting

Target Group

All NCPs