Past Events & Resources

Meet & Exchange Workshop: Impact of NCP Networks

Date: June 07, 2016
Organiser: NCP Academy – DASTI
Event Categories: Meet & Exchange Workshop

Concept & Aim

At this meet and exchange workshop NCPs had a chance to hear how the European Commission views NCP network projects. Moreover, we shared experience and best practice from NCP network projects. We discussed the impact of these networks and gave feedback to the European Commission on how best to work together to ensure high impact. The day was highly interactive.

Workshop Aims

1) To work towards a collective approach for best practice in NCP network projects
2) To work towards a shared insight into the impact of running NCP network projects
3) To reach mutual ideas for potential synergies and cooperation between the different NCP network projects
4) To get a clearer picture of scenarios of the future NCP network projects

Target Group

NCP network project coordinators or NCP country coordinators or NCPs, who are Work Package Leaders or hold a central role in a NCP network project.