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Meet and Exchange Workshop: Practical Aspects for the Proposal Phase of Lump Sum Actions

Date: March 13, 2018
Organiser: NCP Academy – ISCIII
Event Categories: Meet & Exchange Workshop

Concept & Aim

Legal and Financial National Contact Points (L&F NCPs) play a key role in Horizon 2020 as providers of information and assistance to potential applicants and project beneficiaries. In particular L&F NCPs are in the first line of fire when novel instruments are launched. In the Horizon 2020 2018 work programmes, the European Commission has launched the Lump Sum scheme, as a pilot exercise. It entails novel concepts that need to be considered at the proposal preparation phase, during project implementation, and during the ex-post control phase. This second Meet and Exchange Workshop focused on Lump Sum grants, in order to open a debate among L&F NCPs of the most important issues to be considered at the proposal stage. It was based on the consultations that the NCPs have already had with applicants and information gathered from the European Commission.

Output: user-friendly report with tips that thematic NCPs and/or potential participants can use as a guide. The report was also presented at the European Commission L&F NCP meeting.

Target Group