Past Events & Resources

Meet and Exchange Workshop: Performance Monitoring of HORIZON 2020

Date: September 19, 2016
Organiser: NCP Academy – FFG
Event Categories: Meet and Exchange

Concept & Aim

Knowledge on indicators of Horizon 2020 and the discussion of statistics for monitoring the performance of Horizon 2020 is an important element of the work of National Contact Points. In close cooperation with the experts from the European Commission this Meet & Exchange workshop gave an overview on performance monitoring practises of Horizon 2020 discussing links to the work of National Contact Points.

The workshop perceived the following aims to the benefit of its participants:

  • Increased knowledge on the performance monitoring of Horizon 2020 both on European as well as on national level
  • Insight into good performing areas of Horizon and challenges from the EC perspective
  • Joint picture on NCP activities to address potential challenges identified through statistical analysis

The workshop contributed to stimulate mutual learning among NCPs with a crucial element being exchange with the EC. The outcome will be summarised in an experience report for the benefit of the entire NCP-community.

Target Group

Coordinating NCPs and experts dealing with monitoring of Horizon 2020


“Very interesting to learn from the experiences and practices of NCP colleagues on how to monitor H2020 at the national level.”
Ulrik Kjølsen Olsen, EuroCenter, Danish Agency for Science Technology and Innovation