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Meet and Exchange Workshop: Best practice in Project Officer – NCP interactions

Date: January 17, 2017
Organiser: NCP Academy – Enterprise Ireland
Event Categories: Meet & Exchange

Concept & Aim

Topics for the top-down Horizon 2020 programmes are open for at least 6 months in advance of the deadline. During this time NCPs may receive technical and administrative queries on a particular topic form a potential coordinator. For some of the technical queries communication with the PO is required. Different ways of interactions have been reported to date and varies from Project Officer to Project Officer and Horizon 2020 programme to programme (phone discussion, email communication, generic reply). The European Commission suggested at the start of Horizon 2020 that potential coordinators with questions on the programme, should liaise through the NCP network. However, this is unrealistic at times especially when dealing with the very specific technical content of the calls. NCPs require asistance from the European Commission.

This workshop looked at best practices of how Project Officers should engage with NCPs to assist potential Horizon 2020 clients, and how the information should flow back to potential applicants.

Target Group



Name: Nico Deblauwe
Organisation: Flanders Innovation & Enterpreneurship

‘The name of the “meet & exchange workhop” on” best practice in PO-NCP interactions” was exactly covering the content. I did have the occasion to meet new fellow NCP colleagues from other EU countries – and thus enlarge my personal network. There was an exchange of working methods and ideas on how things could/should be – which gave me new insights on how we can do things in Belgium/Flanders. Both of these will in the future, in one way or another, strengthen (the way we organise) our NCP services’.

Name: Stephen O’Reilly
Organisation: Enterprise Ireland

‘…a very interactive workshop in which all participants spoke freely and gave strong opinions’.