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Meet and Exchange Workshop: Best practice for National Contact Points – European Innovation Council

Date: December 05, 2017
Organiser: NCP Academy – EI
Event Categories: Meet & Exchange Workshop

BACKGROUND: Since Commissioner Moedas first expressed his idea for a European Innovation Council (EIC) in June 2015, the concept has slowly been taking shape. The scope of the EIC preparatory phase, which will be covered in the Work Programme 2018-2020, now includes four existing Horizon 2020 instruments selected for their complementarity and potential to support breakthrough, market-creating innovation:

  • SME Instrument, which supports individual SME with an innovative project, phased approach;
  • Future and Emerging Technologies (FET)-Open, which addresses early-stage technology-based projects through a bottom-up scheme;
  • Fast Track to Innovation (FTI), which addresses industry-led consortia with close to market solutions;
  • Prizes, both recognition and inducement prizes which will promote breakthrough innovation in areas where an ambitious goal with high potential impact can be defined.

The response of the NCPs to this preparatory phase will form an important part of the success of the initiative and will pave the way for how NCPs will work in future Framework Programmes.

CONCEPT & AIM: This workshop looked at how NCPs are responding to the emergence of the EIC preparatory phase and considered longer term approaches to it. The workshop included context setting by Bernd Reichert, Head of Unit, European Agency for SMEs, European Commission; Evelyn Smith, IGLO Member Brussels, Enterprise Ireland as a representative of one of the national agencies in the Innovation Agencies Group on EIC; and Grainne Dwyer, Member of the Commissioner’s High Level Group of Innovators.


NCP Coordinators and NCPs already responding specifically to the emergence of the European Innovation Council, particularly those with examples of new approaches that they wanted to share/discuss further.