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Guidance Note for National Contact Points

To all NCPs, welcome!

Here you may find relevant content produced by NCPs relevant to all NCPs.
Materials have been filed in the framework under the following main headings:

•  Cross Cutting Issues
•  General Skills and Knowledge
•  NCP Basics for Legal and Financial
•  NCP Structures and NCP Work
•  SMEs

For thematic materials, search for Thematic Library where you can go to the website of the individual NCP Network projects.

Materials have been organized by subject; they can all be read independently of each other, with no predetermined order.

Due to their high interest and relevance to all NCPs, they were selected by the NCP Network projects and the NCP Academy to be shared in this common space.

The current Knowledge Hub is intended to be particularly useful for new NCP but may also be of use for NCP of all levels of experience.

The documents are not edited by the NCP Academy, and quality checks have not been performed.

Each topic of interest to all NCP may contain different materials with redundant information: each NCP choses the adequate materials.

The collection of materials does not reflect positions or opinions of the NCP Academy.

One document was included that has been produced by the European Commission:

• Minimum standards and Guiding principles for setting up systems of National Contact Points (NCP systems) under Horizon 2020.

The purpose of this initiative was to provide relevant information for the NCP to share best practices and support the objective that all NCPs have access to the same information to serve our NCP community.

The NCP Knowledge Hub is among the tangible outputs of the stable and fruitful collaboration among all NCP Network Projects running in recent years. Thank you to all the NCP colleagues and EC funded NCP Projects who have actively contributed to this first release on NCP Knowledge Hub.

We hope you find this resource useful.

The NCP Academy