Work Package 1 develops the NCP Academy concept. The development of this concept is crucial to prepare the trainers and to outline the framework, activities and quality of shared materials. It includes provision for a built-in quality control check and adaptation of the activities. It also includes specific support for the NCPs for Legal and Financial aspects, helping less experienced NCPs to rapidly acquire the professional know-how accumulated in other countries.

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Work Package 2 covers the preparation of materials and implementation of the training courses. It is the core activity within this project acting as the route to interaction with the largest number of NCPs on-site at courses and through webinar access.

Work Package 3 addresses quality standards and good practice. It includes quantitative and qualitative assessment of NCP services in order to identify Key Performance Indicators and take measures, if needed, to guarantee (minimum) quality standards, to foster good practice and, if feasible, to assess impact.

Work Package 4 responds to the NCP position as ‘first to know’ about the obstacles, barriers and challenges of the Horizon 2020 programme implementation. The NCPs typically respond to feedback from the programme users, both positive and negative, need a platform where they can exchange experiences, analyze selected issues in more detail and provide their feedback to the target communities in a quick and efficient way. This work package is implemented in conjunction with the NCP Academy training courses whose participants are expected to be significant information sources.

Work Package 5 is concerned with smooth management and coordination of the project and team.