Training: webinar on the two lump sum pilots in the 2018 Health and NMBP work programmes

December 12, 2017

The aim of the webinar was to give an overview of the most important aspects of the lump sum funding scheme to guide clients in their proposal writing.

Training: IMPACT in Horizon 2020

December 06, 2017

A training workshop on Impact in Horizon 2020. Enterprise Ireland teamed up with “Campus Engage” and AquaTT in Ireland who do a lot of work in this area. The workshop was fully interactive, activity based, with exercises and sharing of NCP experience.

Meet and Exchange Workshop: Best practice for National Contact Points – European Innovation Council

December 05, 2017

This workshop looked at how NCPs are responding to the emergence of the European Innovation Council preparatory phase and considered longer term approaches to it. The workshop included context setting by Bernd Reichert, Head of Unit, European Agency for SMEs, European Commission, Evelyn Smith, IGLO Member Brussels, Enterprise Ireland as a representative of one of the national agencies in the Innovation Agencies Group on EIC and Grainne Dwyer, Member of the Commissioner’s High Level Group of Innovators.

Task Force Report: Performance Monitoring

December 04, 2017

The final report of the NCP Academy’s Task Force on Performance Monitoring.