Meet and Exchange Workshop: NCP Systems – Benchmarking on Macro and Micro Level and Gathering Future Needs

May 30-31, 2017

The workshop included exchanges on the different kinds of NCP structures, Key Performance Indicators and what the outcome of the Horizon 2020 interim evaluation means for NCPs. In addition we exchanged good practices on NCP working tools like CRM, strategic approaches to potential beneficiaries and novel training methods.

Training: The COST programme – What’s in it for your clients?

May 18, 2017

The webinar focused on understanding the strategic links and complementarity between COST and Horizon 2020, to be able to identify potential cooperation opportunities at an early stage and act as a signpost towards the COST programme.

Training: Innovation Concepts and EU Innovation Policy

May 4, 2017

This training focused on increasing the knowledge base on concepts of innovation in regard to the EU’s innovation policy among NCPs. It included an overview of the innovation supports under HORIZON 2020.

Training: SME Related L&F Aspects in Horizon 2020

May 03, 2017

In this basic webinar we looked at SME related L&F-issues that NCPs of all thematic areas are confronted with: Legal issues (IPR, Consortium Agreement…), Financial issues (Cash-flow, depreciation…), Specificities of different funding instruments (RIA, IA, SME Instrument…).