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Webinar: Learnings on EIC prizes – An NCP Perspective

April 4 @ 11:00 am - 12:30 pm

Backround & content:
Ireland had a successful application into the Horizon 2020 Prize ‘Materials for Clean air’ in 2018. NCPs in Ireland supported the Prize submission and coordinator ended up as one of the finalists for the H2020 prize award delivered at the Industrial Technologies 2018 conference in Vienna. A perspective of the ‘lessons learnt’, logistics and new calls under this new H2020 funding scheme will be provided.

Outcome for participants:
– Insight about the logistics of the H2020 Prizes now coming under the EIC.
– Information about the interview process and how to work towards a successful proposal.
– New H2020 Prizes and what is coming up in 2019 and 2020.

Who should attend:
The webinar is open to all interested NCPs who would like to get familiar with this new funding scheme.
– How to best support an application.
– What are the steps to produce a successful bid.

Trainers & Speakers
Dr Sergio Fernandez-Ceballos Horizon 2020 – EU advisor Nanotech, Materials, Manufacturing, Biotech Enterprise Ireland

Dr. Sergio Fernandez-Ceballos Irish National Delegate for H2020: Nanoscience, Advanced Materials, Biotechnology and Manufacturing at Enterprise Ireland. Dr Ceballos supported an Irish led Prize submission that ended up in the runner-up for the Prize award ‘Materials for Clean Air’ in 2018. He will provide a perspective of the ‘lessons learnt’, logistics, and information about new Prizes coming under the European Innovation Council in H2020.