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Training: Advanced Train-the-trainer for Legal & Finance NCPs

March 4 @ 10:00 am - March 5 @ 3:00 pm

Background and content:
Horizon 2020 Legal / Finance NCPs frequently train their research and innovation communities on budgeting, reporting, amendments, IPR and other topics of legal or financial character. The content of these trainings is highly complex and very detailed, making it difficult to train in a varied way.

However, in order for the NCP trainings to make a difference, the participants in these trainings need to stay focused, get a deep understanding of the matters at stake and be able to apply the rules in their own proposal and project administration after the training.

In addition, NCPs are different and have different approaches and training styles. Different trainers will want to use different interactive methods. Many experienced NCPs have a number of methods they frequently use and are looking for new inspiration. Others would get some basic insights into adult learning.

Therefore, the aim of this TTT for Legal/Finance NCPs is to increase the NCPs’ knowledge on how to design interactive information and training sessions on Horizon 2020 L&F Issues that fit their training style, but also widen their own comfort zone, in order to strengthen the impact of their trainings.

During the TTT, we will work with the NCPs’ own trainings and agendas to define new interactive exercises for them to choose from. The training will be very hands-on so that NCPs immediately can use the methods presented in their own trainings – and understand when and why to use them.

By sharing good practices and feedback from the field on NCP mentoring and twinning, we will get inspiration from each other and reflect on how to provide adequate support to newly appointed NCP’s, while providing a rewarding experience for all people involved. Mentors, mentees and organisers of such programmes will discuss aims, content, experiences, … and evolve toward shared practices and quality approaches.

Collective intelligence and interactive methods will be used: be ready to unplug and take an active part in the workshop!

Outcome for participants:
After the workshop, the participating NCPs
o will know how to plan even more effective trainings
o will be able to avoid repeating the same exercises
o can use interactive methods in their trainings in order to increase learning and retention of details by their own participants
o will have concrete measures on how to train Legal/Finance issues of their own personal choice in an interactive way
o together, NCPs will have collected a tool box of interactive exercises to take from for their next L/F training

Who should attend?
Legal/ Finance NCPs that organize and implement H2020 trainings and workshops for their own research and innovation community. Previous experience with interactive methods is required, as this TTT is on an advanced level. Each NCP will be asked to bring rather detailed draft agendas of the training they would like to work on, including a very brief description of the interactive methods they are currently using.

Facilitators & Speakers
Melanie BUESCHER | Brain2Business

Fee: No participation fee and travel & accommodation costs will NOT be reimbursed by the NCP Academy.